One hour a day, for one more year. Making make-believe a priority.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing Dress-Up

First, I apologize for the gigantic lag between posts. To be honest, since summer came to an end, so too did my blogging (and playing) enthusiasm. I anticipated that the beginning of real life would bring this project to a screeching halt, and it did. Screeeeeching. I could go on and on making excuse: the 2 hours of homework my third grader has every night, the gymnastics lessons, the four hours of ballet and Nutcracker rehearsals every week, my own personal chaos (a looming deadline, the laundry, the lunch boxes, the teaching, the editing, blah, blah, blah), but the truth is I just lost steam. It is hard work playing every day, especially when our lives are jam-packed.

However, I am going to keep trying.

On that note...we've been playing dress-up here lately. Halloween is one our family's favorite holidays. I spent the last two months making a pirate costume for Kicky which made it's debut today. As did Esmee's "Vampire Cheerleader" ensemble. Tomorrow we have a carnival, and on Sunday night we're having a ghoulish party at our house. And even as I struggle with my failure...and yes, it feels like a big fat failure, I do feel like I'm being the best mom I can be right now. And all those things have to be worth something, right? Helping with homework, allowing them to pursue their respective athletic and artistic passions, making sure the ballet tights and leotards are clean, packing healthy lunches, sewing costumes, and even showing them that my own work really matters will all ultimately make them into good people who feel valued and important and loved, right? We're also still creating traditions and memories that matter, I hope.

I know, I know. Back to play. And I will keep trying.