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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Love a Parade

Today two of my favorite parents in the world gave their son, Diego, a parade. That's what he wanted for his fourth birthday, and that's what he got. We all met at a park in North Park here in San Diego. Some (including Kicky and Esmee) came in costume. Others were given hats. All were provided with tambourines and sliding whistles and other instruments. After a brief water balloon fight, we lined up on the parade route (the walkway that circled the small park), and Diego (dressed as Spiderman)led the way. It was crazy. It was ridiculous. And it was a blast. Other people at the park waved and cheered. And about half-way around, Diego seemed to realize that his dream had been realized. His birthday wish granted. At the end, he stood on the picnic table and thanked everyone as he clacked a pair of castanets.

And once again here is a new lesson learned. It's important to teach your children that no dream they have is silly; your job as a parent is to help them make their wishes come true.